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NINO_THE_BEANO's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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GINGYYYYY [13 Nov 2011|12:05am]

She got layed.  lol.. my cutey pie.
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YEP YEP YEP [11 Nov 2011|09:36pm]

In our backyard this morninggggg!  Probably eating Gingers poop... lol.. 

The road near our house that we take everyday!  I love it. :-)

Sooooo.. Letsss seee... what is up with me.. hmmmm...... 
I have been working lots and I actually have a 3 day weekend this weekend. I am excited about it, but I have lots to do around the house.  I want to replace a rug which is not as easy as it sounds... I have to take this one out and wash the floor and make everything clean and smell nice.. Then I have to go to my moms house and dig through her garage to get the new rug out.  She had a new rug in the garage she is letting us have, but it is under tons and tons of stuff in BACK of the garage.  Then I want to get some kind of linoleum flooring the size of the rug to put under the rug to always protect our hardwood floors from spills or any animal accidents-since I am an animal freak and always have to have animals here.. haha   I also want to clean out the spare rooms, go grocery shopping, do tons of laundry, and dishes... and give Ginger a bath... so much I need to get done.. I wonder what I will actually get done this weekend.. lol.. Probably not even half of my long TO DO list.  lol OY YEA! I also want to take down all the halloween decorationssssss...... 

Yep... Long busy weekend coming up!
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Ginger at daycare [21 Oct 2011|09:00pm]

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YARP [03 Oct 2011|04:36pm]

This is Ginger with her new friend.  This little girl lives next door to me and she comes over all the time to play with Ginger and visit the cats and do stuff with me.  We watch shows/movies, color, play random things.  She is a good kid :-)

All the doggies at doggie daycare decided to nap.. for about... 5 minutes... They all get up and bark when they hear any noise.  I lovez the doggiez.  :-)

Ginger went swimming during our honeymoon. 


Above the server.

Kitchen Windowwwwww

End of the hallway.

In the bathroom.

Above the couch.

I miss using livejournal as much as I used to use it.  Not many people I know use it anymore, so it kind of takes the fun out of it :-\
I only know 2 people who still use it! And even then, not so often.  ththththth.. FACEBOOK TOOK OVER THE WORLD!

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short update.. longer update to come another time :-P [02 Oct 2011|07:23pm]
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I have been married for a little over 2 months now! woot.. lol.. Things have been going well other than the stupid tooth ache/infection that came back on the same tooth that I had a root canal done on about 4 months ago.  I went to the dentist and they gave me meds for it. It feels better now but I sure hope it doesn't happen again because tooth aches are the worst!......... I just decorated for Halloween this weekend and gave Ginger a bath.  I am now about to play Card Yatzee with Mark..... Yep.. that is my story and I'm sticking with it.  :-)

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where oh where is summer? [25 Jan 2011|09:22am]
 I can't wait for warm weather.  I don't like driving in the snow/slush, or shoveling, or even getting all wet out there.   I want warm, dry weather.  PLEASE WARM, DRY WEATHER, COME TO ME!  
The cats are in the house because I was worried their cat house isn't warm enough.. they are in a room in the basement with their food, water, litter, scratching post.. just until the weather starts to warm up a bit :-)
Simba is scared of everything.  He is all freaked out about being out of the cat house. lol 
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weddingsssssssssssssss [22 Jan 2011|10:52am]
 Gonna start planning our wedding. yarp. 
We are thinking July 24th at the Coachman Lodge. 
That is all i know so far. lolz
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Pets- Simba tried to eat his catheter. [14 Oct 2010|03:34pm]
-Simba is at the vet.  He got surgery today to remove a bladder stone.  They only found 1.  He will have to be on a special diet for the rest of his life to make his peeing easier.  He also has a heart murmur which doesn't seem bad right now but he will get it checked again in 6 months to a year to make sure it hasn't gotten any worse.
-I talked to the vet on the phone when his operation was finished and she said that he did good and then she rushed off the phone and put me on hold... When she came back to the phone she said that they have a catheter in Simba and they figured after the Anastasia he would be tired and leave it alone... But she rushed off the phone because he was trying to chew the catheter!  hahahahaha  Silly Simba.  I am nervous about leaving him alone tomorrow while I'm at work :-(  But I am sleeping with him tonight and tomorrow night to keep a close eye on him.
-I'm picking him up at around 7:30ish tonight.

 Maggie is doing great.. Healthy as can be. 

Ginger is also doing great.  She has lyme disease but has gotten treated and is gonna get tested in a few months to make sure it is okay and not getting worse.  She loves her squeaky toys.  She runs around squeaking like crazy!  I love her!!!
This is silly, spoiled Ginger on the big bed :-)
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New House [03 Oct 2010|09:47am]
 So, I have been living in the new house with Mark.  It is a cozy house :-)
Ginger likes it too :-)
The cats are in their cat house which has been moved here, but I do bring them in the house once in a while for them to explore and cuddle with me.  
We just got internet 2 days ago.  I soooo missed having internet, but now I don't know what I want to do online.  I turn on the computer and stare at it. lol.  The HABBIT of wanting to be online even though I have no reason to be on it. oyy.  

I'm gonna go to my moms house in a few hours to go through and pack the rest of my stuff and bring it over.  During the week, I will work on fixing the upstairs of the house :-)  woot woot.  My sister is going to go help me pack the rest of my stuff at my moms house.  It's mostly random nic-nacs and clothes.  All our necessities are already here.

Ginger is next to me and she is farting up a storm.. ewwwww@farts.
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silly pets [08 Aug 2010|06:29pm]
Ginger -  No she wasn't growling.   She smiled for the camera. 
lol.. I said.. "Ginger, want to go for a???"  and she was patiently waiting to see what I was about to ask her..
This is her curious face.  I likes it.  :-)

Simba wanted to be in the picture with his mother (Maggie).   :-)  Sooo cute!  They are in their kitty house.

Kitties in their house..

nom noms

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house [03 Aug 2010|09:35pm]
 Sooo, I'm somehow connecting to a neighbors internet :-\  Just for another 2 weeks or so..   Hopefully...

Very good chance we will be moving this month.. after the 16th probably.  :-)  So excited.

Just got a WICKED good deal on a King Sized Bed :-)  I need my space you seeeee...  lolz...  We just need to figure out where to store it for about 2 weeks or so.. lol... :-)

Halloween would be the first holiday there.  And Mark won't be around on our first holiday together at the house :-( ...   So I will either have a little party for friends, orrrrrr  I will hang with Ginger and watch scary movies and freak myself out by myself.  lol.   :-D
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stuff [22 Jul 2010|04:14pm]
 I miss having internet!  lol.  I'll survive.  I still get to use it at other places.

I love my doggie Ginger.  She is such a good girl.. Could not ask for a dog much better than her.  She is well behaved and very friendly.  :-)
She does have Lyme Disease though... Which sucks.  She doesn't act like anything is wrong though.  she is on meds for 1 month then going in for tests and stuff to see if it is serious or not.  I'm sure it's not.  Hope it's not.  I love her sooo much.  She gets along with my other doggies and kitties with no issues..  She is awesome.. yarp.

Mark got a new DS Game called... Picross 3D or something like that.. and ... I LOVE IT! lolz.  He hasn't played it much cause i stole it from him so I could play it.. lol..  

Okies.. I"m off to do whatever... Don't know.. It's nice to get home early from work :-)
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HOUSE [05 Jul 2010|06:49pm]
 Mark and I are in the process of attempting to buy a house.  We hope all goes well because I really want to move in by the end of August!!!  The earlier the better though :-)

It is a Ranch with a fixed basement and decent size yard in Bellingham, MA.  It doesn't seem to need much work but we are trying to get an inspector out soon to do the INSPECTING!  Then if the loan goes through ok and everything is done by the deadlines, we get the house!  wooo!!! So excited!
This is the house we are trying to get.    www.redfin.com/MA/Bellingham/381-Wrentham-Rd-02019/home/8828253    <----Clicky There!!!
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no more interNETZ! [27 May 2010|08:20pm]
I no longer have internetz...  I had issues with it.. I probably needed a new router or something but I didn't bother with that because my mom is making me move everything around to get ready for new rugs, so I wouldn't have a spot to keep it plugged in.  I cancelled the INTERNETZ!  I hate not having it, but I can use internet at Mark's house and at Borders since they have free WIFI.  I am at Borders right now.

I just ordered a portable air conditioner for my cat house because I worry about them in there in the heat with just a fan.. It's not enough for really hot days.  They spent the day in the house yesterday because it was so hot.  

I want to join the gym to get motivated again for the exercise and the eating healthy crap.  lol..

yep... that's it for now.. Kay.. leaving Borders now.. 
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:-P [09 May 2010|11:58am]
 What is knew.. hmmm... 
I took the Praxis test April 24th and have to wait 4 weeks to find out if I passed or not.  I almost don't care anymore.

I've been working at the doggie daycare full time now and I love being around dogs all day.

I created a doggie livejournal community called doggie_fun.  If anyone wants to see it, you can look at my friends page because there are lots of posts on there from me and other people.  All about dogs!  :-)

I need to force myself to do some cleaning today!  Go Nina Go!!! go go go!
Kay.. here I go!
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SIMBA KITTY [27 Feb 2010|09:00pm]

And then my mom yells at my dog at the end of the video. She did not know it was recording voice. I didn't realize it was going to post voice since when I replayed the video on my computer, it did not have sound.. So strange. Anywho...
I have an awesome kitty!
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MY NEW HAIR [05 Feb 2010|04:58pm]
My new hair color!
It's gotten a bit lighter..  I just had to get used to it.. I thought it was too dark at first.
But now I don't think it looks bad...
Almost natural since my eyebrows are dark. yup.. 

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5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY [21 Jan 2010|03:42pm]

For our anniversary, we:
- Exchanged gifts
- Went to Slater Park to see animals and walk around
- Went Bowling
- Went to the Mall
- Ate at Bertucci's 
- Went to Friendly's for dessert
- Hung out at my house for a bit
        The End

Jordan playing my DS

Mark arrived at my house.

Slater Park - Little fountain 

Woot - I was standing like that because I was avoiding the mud puddle.

Trying to dance with the elephant.  haha
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OPINIONS PLEASE :-) ??? [21 Jan 2010|02:04pm]
So I am thinking about Dying my hair darker and getting long layers cut into it.  yup.  I am bored and want to do something different.  My hair is so thin and boring.  The long layers I am getting, but ....   The coloring...... I am not sure if I should or shouldn't.   I have never ever ever dyed my hair before.

All these pictures are of me with my natural hair color in different lighting.  
The bottom 2 pictures were in darker lighting so I am using them to try and picture what I would look like with darker hair.

My eyebrows are dark, my roots are dark, so I thought it would look pretty natural to have it darker.  


Light hair - My natural color

Natural color

What I would look like with darker hair :-\

My hair if it were darker.
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JOKE [14 Jan 2010|02:53pm]
A biology teacher wished to demonstrate to his students the harmful effects of alcohol on living organisms. For his experiment, he showed them a beaker with pond water in which there was a thriving civilization of worms. When he added some alcohol into the beaker the worms doubled-up and died.
"Now," he said, "what do you learn from this?"
An eager student gave his answer.

"Well the answer is obvious," he said "if you drink alcohol, you'll never have worms."
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